Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Cute Nanny Kids!!

So after church me and the kids got our picture taken outside of the house. They all didn't really have much patients as you can see :) ha even the baby was screaming! But i love the picture it shows all their little personalities and how cute they are. I love them, i still don't know how i got so lucky to end up with them!!

I Love these three boys so much! Are they not so cute!!?? People keep telling me that this is my practice and that i'm gonna have ALL boys of my own one day. (which i would be fine with that) but... Maybe at least one girl to dress up?? ok ok we will see later on in life!!
I love this little girl so much! Every family needs at least one girl :) You should see Libby's closet!! i have so much fun dressing her, taking her on walks and just playing with her. She is now almost three months and is getting a little personality and is starting to smile and talk :) she is so cute!!