Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day.

Last June, two days before Father's day, i told Brent he was going to be a Dad. 

I handed him a cute little gift bag filled with a bottle, Binky, baby rattle and our very first ultrasound picture of Addie. He cried. (i thought it was so sweet) later to find out, (in a conversation after she arrived) it was a scared cry.  

Brent doesn't do to good with change. But their is one change he seemed to be perfectly fine with, and that was Addie's arrival. It was a good change. He cried. This time i think it was a different cry.

It has seriously been one of my very most favorite things, to watch him be a dad. I will never forget a couple of days after we brought sweet Addie home. Brent ran to his sisters house just up the street to get something. He wasn't gone more than five minutes before he rushed back in the door to give Addie a kiss and to tell us that he missed us. I remember smiling and thinking it was so cute. Going back to work was going to be hard for him, Hard for the three of us. 

I treasure the moments i see them together. I love watching all the kisses Addie gets from her daddy. I love to watch Addie's little face light up when her dad gets home from work. I love when Brent will look at Addie and then back at me and say, "we have the cutest daughter ever." or "Candice look at her, She is just so cute."  And moments like last night when he was putting her to bed and took much longer than necessary but, just needed some extra time to look at her. And one of my favorites, I love when Brent tells me that he had no idea he would love her so much. 

Brent, Addie is one lucky girl to have you as her dad. We love you and appreciate all of your hard work for our little family. We hope you have a great first Father's Day! You are the Best!!