Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family Vacation To NYC!

What a busy but GREAT last two weeks it has been. My family came for a visit to celebrate my birthday with me. Joey wasn't able to make it because of school and boy did we all miss him. It has been forever since we have taken a family vacation. Karli and i had so much fun showing everyone NYC! (Time Square, Central Park, Ground Zero, Grand Central Station, Statue Of Liberty, Wicked, Serendipity, Canal Street, Good Morning America W/American Idols & much much more) but i still think the best part was just being together. I can't begin to explain how much i have missed my family while being here. Thanks dad for making it all possible!! And thanks family for making my birthday special! :) Karli's friends also came to visit, they came the week before my family (very cute and fun girls). And we also met up with our sweet cousin Erin and her adorable little boy Ben that have been living in Boston for the summer. Nothing could have turned out better! It was perfect! Karli is now gone and wow the homesickness has really hit hard. I'm not so sure i have ever felt this way... It's tough knowing that she's not just down the street anymore. I'm going to really miss having her around. On Saturday i'm headed on a week long vacation with the family i work for. Anyone heard of Nantucket?! I don't know it should be fun... I'll update when i get back. Anyways enjoy the many pictures of the fam in NYC!! :) 

PS. Yes Kris is just as beautiful in real life, & Yes Adam Is just as Crazy! :)