Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just An Update...

Dec 2009
Back in Dec 2007 :)

Brent and i put together a time capsule and buried it in my back yard the day before he left. We wrote letters and just put some random things in, that reminded us of each other. Last week we went out back and unburied it. It was so much fun!

Digging It Up...

Inside the box was pretty nasty. We definitely could have done a better job sealing it shut :) Some creature even ate my peanut butter twix, but it's ok it made us laugh.

Since Brent has been home we have been able to do alot of fun things and go on some really fun dates. i love that he is home and love it even more that he's home for the holiday season.

Shopping at gateway.
Brent and i ran into Emily and Colton at the BYU/Utah game during halftime :)

U of U Game with the fam.

Date Night (oh how i missed those...)

Life is Great people... Life is Great! :)