Sunday, May 8, 2011

A first Mother's Day.

I remember being pregnant, with my head in the toilet bowl (one of the many times) thinking... "is this baby really going to be worth it?" Then before i knew it, i am at the hospital just hours away from meeting my little girl for the first time (here on earth anyway). So nervous. So excited. Words cannot describe how i felt when i heard that first cry or when Brent held her next to me so i could meet my new baby girl. Being a mom is the best. I had no idea. No idea whatsoever.  I will never forget holding her for the first time thinking she's mine, she's really mine. my very own :)

I have only been a mom for 3 short months but oh how i love it more and more everyday! When Addie was first placed in my arms i remember being so excited to get to know her. It was love at first sight, your in love instantly... but i didn't know know her yet. I didn't know how she liked to be held or what words soothed her. I think that has been one of the best parts...just getting to know her cute little personality.

I am so grateful for the opportunity i have to be a mom. So grateful to a heavenly father for giving me this chance, for trusting me with Addie on her earthly journey. At times its overwhelming to think about all the responsibility i have as a mom but i will do my very best. I am grateful for my own Mom. For the example she has been my entire life. I know that my dream of being a mom (even as a little girl) is because of the mom that she was. I hope that i can at least be half as good as she is.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Moms!!