Sunday, August 17, 2008


WoW is about all i can say!! Wicked truly was AmAzInG!! Saturday was my last day in the city :( i was way sad, but getting lucky enough to get wicked tickets made my day. The show was sold out for the week so the only chance i had to see it was to wait in the cancellation line. Well i was first in line and they had someone call in and cancel (being early pays off) anyways... I ended up in the middle on the 10Th row, i couldn't have picked a better seat! I'm really gonna miss the city, i know it's dumb but i cried when i got on the train to come home. I have really grown to love the Tall Buildings, Honking Taxi's, Dirty Grounds, Crazy People and the Nasty Smell. I am really going to miss this place!!