Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well... It's October 19!! Today it has been 10 months since Brent left!! Can you believe it?! Finally in the Double Digits!! (and i am loving it!) :) After church today at Sunday dinner my cute family and i, made a little Toast to Brent and "10 Months" We miss and love you Elder Wilson!

Good O'le VEGAS...

Last week Me, Kilee and Hadlee went to Vegas to visit Joey and my cousin Blake. We all had so much fun!! I forgot how fun Vegas is :) I also realized how much i miss my brother :( It was so great to see him!! He is enjoying his time living in Las Vegas and i am so glad to see him happy! :) Miss you Joey, Thank you boys for taking such great care of us... We will hopefully be back soon!! :) :)