Thursday, April 21, 2011

2 Months.

Addie had her 2 month checkup a couple of weeks ago (i know I'm a little behind).
Doctor said everything looked great.
I'm so grateful to have a happy & healthy baby!

Weight: 11 lbs 1 oz 50th Percentile 
Height:  23 inches 65th Percentile

Addie is getting SO big! She is learning all sorts of new things:
  • How to smile! (my favorite new trick)
  • Discovered that she has toys!
  • LOVES her Binky when tired
  • Learning how to kick and move her hands
  • Gets so excited when you talk to her
  • She gives "the bottom lip"when she's sad or about to cry
  • Starting to figure out how to giggle 
  • Loves her car seat 
  • Is awake ALOT more
  • Pushes up on her arms while on her stomach 
  • Still LOVES her hair washed
I know that i have said it before BUT... 
being a mom is seriously the BEST! 
I had no idea that i would love it so much. 

S H O T S...
 ... i think I'm going to make Brent take her to her doctor appointments...
I can't do it.
I know that it's gotta be done, but really??
Now for a picture overload:
Getting SO Big!

With Mommy & Daddy...

Such a Happy Girl!
Addie is mauled by her aunties & grandma every time we come over!
(do you like her toes painted by grandma??)

Found this in the back seat :)

Everyday gets more fun at our house. 
we L O V E it!