Friday, September 11, 2009

Glimpse Into Motherhood.

Some days this picture is how i feel... Ok most days. I'm sure all you mothers are thinking "Oh Candice, you just wait."  :) And you know what, you are probably right. 
My nanny job last year was wonderful, yes it had it's challenges at times but for the most part i was happy. And it felt good to feel loved from the children and mostly Rebecca, who welcomed me in her home like i was her own child.  I came home last summer feeling more grown up, more experienced and felt that i had found myself. Now... this summer i must say has been a tad bit different from the last. I have been thrown out of my comfort zone, have felt more alone than i ever knew was possible and at times felt lost and confused about things i was once so sure of. Poor Karli had to listen to me break down a few times. Thanks Kar, i don't know what i would have done the first 2 months without you. It has been a very trying and difficult last 4 months for me for many reasons but now that i am down to my last week here in New Canaan, i am beginning to realize all that i have learned. Let me start out by saying this is the BEST birth control out there. No doubt about it. (my husband will either be very thankful or very frustrated when he has to beg for me to have children) Just kidding. But seriously. Now on a more serious note, One of the most important things i am taking home with me is the knowledge of how important the gospel is in a home. It is like night and day of a difference. I have always grown up having the spirit in my home and never knew or realized how it might be to not have it... until i came here that is. I would be lying if i said i did not struggle with that. It has been extremely hard for me. The best i could do was try and make my very own room a place where the spirit could be. I can't even explain how excited i am to walk in my home and feel that peace again. The gospel changes lives, changes attitudes, changes families, changes happiness and changes the mood in the home. That i KNOW. And that i am so thankful to know. I have also learned much about what i want to be like as a wife and mother. I am in no way trying to say that the mother i work for is not a good one or does not love her children, i am just saying what i have learned through some different experiences. Looking back at all of these experiences that may have not been easy or fun in anyway, i can finally see the good coming from them. Another thing that i have come to realize is the gospel is the same wherever you go. It's just as incredible here as it is in my little Utah bubble. :) Wherever you go you always have a family on Sunday. I am so grateful for my wonderful bishop he truly is one inspired man. I'm grateful for all the friendships i have made in my home ward. I have met some amazing people that have helped my testimony grow simply by example and sharing what they know to be true. And last, i have learned aton about myself. Sometimes that can not be a fun thing, but is something we need to find to become better. But all in all as ready as i am to finally come home, i am very grateful for my time here and for this brief little glimpse into what motherhood is like. It only reminds me that I'm so not ready to be a mom yet. But i know that day will come and i am super excited and hopefully will be a little more prepared.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nantucket, MA

YES i'm alive. Sorry it's been awhile since i last posted. I have been quite busy! Busy with screaming kids but also busy with some fun things too. My vacation to Nantucket was awesome. What a cool place. Those of you that don't have any idea where Nantucket is... It's in Massachusetts just under Cape Cod, and is the island next to Martha's Vineyard, if that helps any?? Anyways, way cool place! Not a cheap vacation spot might i add... I'm not thinking i will be going back anytime soon. It wasn't all vacation for me, still had to work my 8 Hr days but when i did get off i went and explored the area. What a cool place to visit.

So i didn't take near as many pictures as i should have. But here are a few...
So i had no idea i would be taking this 8 passenger plane to get to the island. I was a bit nervous at first (alot had to do with my young pilot... i swear he was my age) But hey it all worked out... other than me getting stuck sitting by Brooke who get's car sick almost every time we get in a car, let's just say thank goodness for the barf bags the plane provided. 
Looking out the window towards the city of Boston.
Up in the air...

Little Trevor LOVED the plane ride.

Nantucket had some of the best beach's i have ever seen. Crazy fun waves.

Brooke playing at the beach... had to deal with some major temper tantrums but for the most part she enjoyed playing in the sand.
Catching snapping turtles was so much fun... something i had never done before. You tie a raw chicken drum stick onto the end of a string and wait for the turtle to bite, just like fishing but with chicken not a worm :) (these turtles were HUGE by the way and not very nice...)

Trevor waiting to catch one (he thought it was so cool). 

One of the many many boats. I have never seen so many big boats in my life... were talking VERY pricey.

Nantucket was beautiful. The weather was perfect all week. In fact the day we left was the day of the hurricane warning. The airport was crazy packed, everyone trying to leave the island before the hurricane hit. I was so glad we decided to stay the one week and not two... they closed down all the beach's... i guess the waves were suppose to get super high... in a way i think it would have been cool to see but i would have been very nervous knowing a hurricane was on it's way. Overall it was a great vacation and i feel very lucky i was invited to tag along... even if it was work. :)