Sunday, June 14, 2009

BeSt NeWs!!

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Well everyone i have some really really extremely good news... Karli will be joining me in New Canaan for the next 2 months! Yay!! I am So ExCiTed!!!!!!!!!!! It turns out the Young's (my old nanny family) could use some extra help this summer for a couple of months while they try and get ready for a move. Karli is really excited (i may be more excited than anyone), We are going to have so much fun!! She is going to love being a part of the Young family. I'm a bit jealous! :) She will leave for back home August 11... (just in time to be back for school) time is gonna go supper fast so were gonna make sure and enjoy every single day!! I'm so excited and sooo glad that it all worked out this way! The homesickness suddenly went away... :)

PS. Mom sorry that you have to send all of her stuff, we really didn't plan for this...

Rain Rain Go AwAy...

It has rained non-stop since i arrived! I felt a bit better when i called my mom and she told me it has been raining at home all week and that I'm not missing out on any nice sunny weather! It's ok we need the rain right?? :)

BaCk To NYC!!

Going back to the city was very exciting... I was so glad Karli could join me! We had alot of fun :) The family that i work for actually left town for a few days and i knew i didn't want to stay in the house all alone so... Karli took a flight down the very next day! :) Thanks Karli it has been so much fun!!

waiting for the train...

We had dinner at one of my favorite places to eat in the city! It's called the "Star Dust Diner" It is so much fun! It's kinda like Broadway but at dinner :) All the waiters & waitresses sing and dance (even on your table) It's fun and very entertaining!!


Who knew NYC had a bubble day??...News to me! Me and Karli were so confused why so many people were gathered together blowing bubbles... We thought it was fun but just a bit strange...finally we asked some random lady what the heck they were blowing bubbles for?? She said they have a bubble day every year... kinda weird, but i must admit it was pretty fun! (we were also told they have a pillow fight every year??... now that could be fun!)

Karli loved Bubble day!! She wouldn't let us leave forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was having way to much fun!



I took Karli to see a show... we couldn't decide between Shrek or Mamma Mia! Finally we decided! :) Karli really liked it!!!!

Every once in awhile (ok so pretty frequently) you see some pretty nasty people in the city. This is a old lady (yes OLD) that calls herself "The Naked Cowgirl" (sick) i seriously couldn't look at her very long... you had to pay 2 dollars to get your picture with her... No Thanks. I also hear a "naked cowboy" is also roaming the streets... not sure i ever want to run into him! :)

I have more pictures of her but seriously you don't want to see them...

Defiantly have missed all the garbage and stinky smells in the streets...

I think Karli really enjoyed the city! I am so glad she was able to come on such short notice!

Meet The KiDs...

Trevor 4 Years Old... Very cute, Full of many questions, LOVES trains!!

Brooke 3 Years Old...

Loves to read books, Hates her hair done, Loves the color PINK!!

I actually haven't had much time with the kids yet... 3 or 4 days is all, they just left out of town for a few days to visit family but I'm looking forward to getting to know them better! As of now they both seem really cute and both a little shy... They'l warm up!! :)