Monday, October 6, 2008


On Friday i got the privilege to go see little Libby (well i shouldn't say little anymore!) David and Rebecca went to St George for the weekend so he could run in the marathon. They left Libby with Rebecca's sister in Salt Lake so i was able to go take her for a day. We had so much fun!! Boy did she get lots of kisses! :) We just stayed in Salt Lake for the day and did some shopping at Gateway, had lunch and mostly i just sat on a bench by the fountain (she loved it) and held and enjoyed her. I have missed her SO MUCH, I couldn't believe how much she has already grown. She has two teeth that i must say are ADORABLE when she smiles. I can't believe what a happy baby she is!! I honestly believe she belongs on a Gerber Baby commercial! My mom and Courtney met up with me the last couple of hours and that was fun for them to see her. I was so sad when the time came to take her back :( but i am SO SO glad i got to see her!! The next time i will see her will be in December, I'm scared she wont be a baby anymore But i guess they have to grow up!! Thank you so much Rebecca for trusting me with your beautiful baby girl!! I Love You Libby!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well us girls have had some very fun hunting experiences!! Although no one but Maddie has had very much luck. Gotta love the younger sister showing her big sisters how it's done! :) Maddie shot an Antelope a few weeks ago (Perfect Shot). We were all VeRy excited!! We have had so much fun hunting with dad! Thanks Dad!!