Friday, September 3, 2010

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then...

... comes a positive pregnancy test.

Answers to the most popular questions thus far:
1. Our little One is due to arrive on the scene about February 10Th or so.
2. We are having a little BoY!! Brent is ecstatic to have a new hunting partner.
3. I'm feeling OK (ha) and have the typical symptoms for 18 weeks into the game: very tired, light-headed, vomiting every other minute (although i was told that would end after the first trimester??) headache-y, constipated and occasionally feeling like I got socked in the gut.

4. Yes it happened rather fast, (faster than we thought it would) but we cannot wait!

Brent and i are very excited for our little guy to arrive. It is so crazy that i have a little human growing inside of me, someone is alive and present who was not just a few short weeks ago. Truly a miracle!

... WAHOO!!