Saturday, June 28, 2008


Luke got Golf Clubs (medal as he would say) for his birthday. The plastic clubs just weren't doing it for him anymore!!
Lukey is now 4 years old!! and don't worry he loves to remind everyone of that (over and over again) It's so cute... He tells me "but Candice I'm four now, i can do it I'm big!" Luke LOVES to golf so i made him a golf cake :) Yum Yum!! Isn't he cute??
Me and my best buddy!


This last week we spent some time at the pool (Lots Of Time) :) The boys are finally out of school and we are so excited for summer!!!

Look at these handsome boys!!

Michael was doing many tricks off the diving board. This is his "600" (he called it) It's pretty amazing if you ask me!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Libby Found Her Hands!!

Elizabeth is getting so stinkin cute i can hardly stand it. She is just starting to figure out how her hands work and that she actually has control of them :) She is such a sweet baby!