Monday, July 11, 2011

Island Park.

 We spend our fourth of July weekend in Island Park with the Wilson family. Bruce and Lynette rent a cabin, bring the boat and four wheelers and we play all week long! I am lucky to have married into such a great family! It will be fun when Addie gets a little bigger and can run around with her cousins. Brent looks forward to the fishing and wakeboarding, and me... i enjoy relaxing and spending time with the family. Grandpa Cox joined us this year and it was so much fun having him around. Addie enjoyed her first ride on grandpa's boat and slept through her first firework show. I think we all came home with a few extra pounds...The food was all so yummy! 
Thanks Bruce and Lynette for a great week, full of lots of memories!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Enjoying Some Sunshine.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day.

Last June, two days before Father's day, i told Brent he was going to be a Dad. 

I handed him a cute little gift bag filled with a bottle, Binky, baby rattle and our very first ultrasound picture of Addie. He cried. (i thought it was so sweet) later to find out, (in a conversation after she arrived) it was a scared cry.  

Brent doesn't do to good with change. But their is one change he seemed to be perfectly fine with, and that was Addie's arrival. It was a good change. He cried. This time i think it was a different cry.

It has seriously been one of my very most favorite things, to watch him be a dad. I will never forget a couple of days after we brought sweet Addie home. Brent ran to his sisters house just up the street to get something. He wasn't gone more than five minutes before he rushed back in the door to give Addie a kiss and to tell us that he missed us. I remember smiling and thinking it was so cute. Going back to work was going to be hard for him, Hard for the three of us. 

I treasure the moments i see them together. I love watching all the kisses Addie gets from her daddy. I love to watch Addie's little face light up when her dad gets home from work. I love when Brent will look at Addie and then back at me and say, "we have the cutest daughter ever." or "Candice look at her, She is just so cute."  And moments like last night when he was putting her to bed and took much longer than necessary but, just needed some extra time to look at her. And one of my favorites, I love when Brent tells me that he had no idea he would love her so much. 

Brent, Addie is one lucky girl to have you as her dad. We love you and appreciate all of your hard work for our little family. We hope you have a great first Father's Day! You are the Best!! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting So Big.

It's been awhile. I'm to busy having fun with my little Addie girl. I'd rather play, cuddle and rock her to sleep than update my blog! Addie's little personality is starting to show. I miss my little newborn but i sure am enjoying all the smiles and giggles i get now that shes older and more aware of what going on around her. I took her in for her 4 month checkup. She did so good! She is getting so big i can't even believe it!
Height: 24.5 inches  55th Percentile
Weight: 14 lbs 2 oz  55th Percentile 
A few new things:
  • She found her thumb.
  • Giggles Giggles and Giggles! 
  • Rolls to her side.
  • Starting to get stranger anxiety. 
  • Finally figured out how to grab and hold her toys.
  • Introduced to rice cereal and baby food.
  • Discovered her toes. 
Oh how we love you Addie girl!!

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    A first Mother's Day.

    I remember being pregnant, with my head in the toilet bowl (one of the many times) thinking... "is this baby really going to be worth it?" Then before i knew it, i am at the hospital just hours away from meeting my little girl for the first time (here on earth anyway). So nervous. So excited. Words cannot describe how i felt when i heard that first cry or when Brent held her next to me so i could meet my new baby girl. Being a mom is the best. I had no idea. No idea whatsoever.  I will never forget holding her for the first time thinking she's mine, she's really mine. my very own :)

    I have only been a mom for 3 short months but oh how i love it more and more everyday! When Addie was first placed in my arms i remember being so excited to get to know her. It was love at first sight, your in love instantly... but i didn't know know her yet. I didn't know how she liked to be held or what words soothed her. I think that has been one of the best parts...just getting to know her cute little personality.

    I am so grateful for the opportunity i have to be a mom. So grateful to a heavenly father for giving me this chance, for trusting me with Addie on her earthly journey. At times its overwhelming to think about all the responsibility i have as a mom but i will do my very best. I am grateful for my own Mom. For the example she has been my entire life. I know that my dream of being a mom (even as a little girl) is because of the mom that she was. I hope that i can at least be half as good as she is.

    Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Moms!!

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    A Name.

    Addie was given a name in our church by her daddy on Sunday.
    Brent gave her such a beautiful blessing, I am so grateful for a husband who honors his priesthood.
    My heart was so full.
    I am so grateful for a heavenly father who loves me enough to trust me with little Addie.
    I am so grateful for Addie's sweet spirit that blesses our home. And SO grateful for the blessings of the temple. I know that because of the temple i can be with my family for eternity.
    Sunday was perfect. Thanks to our families and friends for all of your support on Addie's special day.
    The Wilson Family
    Our little Addie Angel 

    Addie looked so cute! I made her a tutu (she looked like a little ballerina). 
    After church we had breakfast with everyone, Brent and i are so grateful to have such a great family!    
    Addie with her Grandma's & Grandpa's
    Addie with her Aunties 
    Addie with mommy & daddy :) 
    This is before church, and then after. She wasn't very happy when it was all over. Hungry, Cold, Tired of being passed around and so sick of pictures!... not a good combination.

    It was a wonderful Sunday.  

    Sunday, April 24, 2011

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    2 Months.

    Addie had her 2 month checkup a couple of weeks ago (i know I'm a little behind).
    Doctor said everything looked great.
    I'm so grateful to have a happy & healthy baby!

    Weight: 11 lbs 1 oz 50th Percentile 
    Height:  23 inches 65th Percentile

    Addie is getting SO big! She is learning all sorts of new things:
    • How to smile! (my favorite new trick)
    • Discovered that she has toys!
    • LOVES her Binky when tired
    • Learning how to kick and move her hands
    • Gets so excited when you talk to her
    • She gives "the bottom lip"when she's sad or about to cry
    • Starting to figure out how to giggle 
    • Loves her car seat 
    • Is awake ALOT more
    • Pushes up on her arms while on her stomach 
    • Still LOVES her hair washed
    I know that i have said it before BUT... 
    being a mom is seriously the BEST! 
    I had no idea that i would love it so much. 

    S H O T S...
     ... i think I'm going to make Brent take her to her doctor appointments...
    I can't do it.
    I know that it's gotta be done, but really??
    Now for a picture overload:
    Getting SO Big!

    With Mommy & Daddy...

    Such a Happy Girl!
    Addie is mauled by her aunties & grandma every time we come over!
    (do you like her toes painted by grandma??)

    Found this in the back seat :)

    Everyday gets more fun at our house. 
    we L O V E it!

    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    Melt My Heart.

    Nothing in this world is better than waking up to this...
     Melt my heart.
    Addie loves to cuddle her Daddy!
    But... it might be safe to say, Daddy loves it even more! :0)


    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Happy St. Patrick's Day.

                                 ...You Can't Pinch Me! :) 

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    One Month.

    I am amazed at how fast time really passes. I'm trying so hard to enjoy every single moment i have with my newborn. Before i know it she will be walking and talking! :) I can't believe she is already a month old. Here are a few new things she is doing!

    • Raises her head all by herself :)
    • Turns to look at mom or dad's voice
    • Sleeps through the night (yes, we have ourselves a good baby) :)
    • Smiles back at silly faces or silly sounds
    • Loves bath time and LOVES her hair washed
    • Discovered her hands
    • Gives some pretty funny faces
    • Loves to cuddle up on daddy's chest
    • Follows moving objects with her eyes

    Addie's cousin Ty was blessed on Sunday so we took Addie to church for the first time. It was a little sooner than i wanted but she liked it and oh Boy did she look cute! :)
    Being a mommy is the best! :)

      Friday, March 4, 2011

      One year down... forever to go!

      Happy Anniversary to us!!
      Brent and i celebrated our first anniversary.
      We had the best day together!
      I can't believe a year has come and gone. I'm so lucky to be married to this boy!                
      Addie woke us up early, so hey may as well start the day off by going to breakfast :)

      After breakfast we came home and all 3 of us went back to bed, we have all been pretty tired lately :) We then got cleaned up, watched the BYU game and just relaxed. It was nice, i love weekends!
       Later my parents came over to babysit Addie while Brent and i left for a date. 
      Dinner and a movie. 
      (i forgot to take a picture at the movie)
      FYI Maddox gives free pie of your choice if it's your anniversary :)

      Later when we got home, we put Addie to bed and cut into our wedding cake we had in the freezer. 

      A  N  D... 
      it wasn't to bad (maybe a little freezer burnt), we are just glad to get it out of the freezer so we can actually have some room :)

      I  l o v e  y o u  Brent Wilson! 
      Thanks for a wonderful year... So glad we have many more!!

      One year down... forever to go! 

      Thursday, February 24, 2011

      Too Fast.

      My baby is getting too big... too fast! Addie had her 2 week check up yesterday. Here are her Stats!

      Weight: 7 lbs 6 oz 10th Percentile 
      Height: 20 inches 25th Percentile 

      The doctor said she is right on track and that she is doing really good. He also reassured me that sleeping ALL day long is perfectly normal :) I know she is still tiny but she is changing so much! Still her daddy's twin though. Slow down Addie, Don't get too big just yet!

      Miss Indian USU.

      My sister Karli competed in the Miss Indian USU pageant last night. She did such a good job! I'm so proud of her! 
      Check Emily's blog for more details on the splendid night...

      Thanks Karli for the fun night! We Love You!!