Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red, White and Blue Fun!!

Happy 4Th Of July!!

Brooke & Trevor.


I had a great fourth this year. Although tradition is great, it's always good to mix things up. I have missed my usual fourth in good ole' Plain City the last 2 years but at the same time i have been so lucky to spend them on the east coast. I actually had to work a few hours on Saturday morning so i wanted to do something fun with the kids. After getting them dressed in Red, White and Blue (and Brooke in her cute hair bow) we decided to make some cupcakes. The kids had fun helping with them. Afterwords Karli and i packed a lunch and headed to the beach where we spent the rest of the day. No better feeling than baking in the sun. :)

Cute Hair Bows!

The other night at the Youngs we decided to craft and make some cute hair bows for Libby. The first couple i attempted to make were a bit rough. By the end of the night i actually started to get the hang of it. We had no idea what we were doing, it was pretty funny. We had the entire family helping (yes even the little boys). :) I'll post more pictures later... these are just a few i made for Brooke and Libby to wear for the fourth. 

Ps. If anyone has any tips that would be great!