Saturday, August 9, 2008

FiNaLLy 19 !!

So Finally i had a birthday!! And it wasn't just any old birthday... I was SpOiLeD!! Thank you everyone for making it so special. I got lots of Cards, Phone calls, Text messages, Packages and Emails. It always feels good to feel loved on your birthday!! I owe a BiG thanks to the Young's for making it such a special day! I Got breakfast in bed, Lots of hugs and kisses, A pedicure & manicure, Dinner in the city and then Rebecca took me to Mamma Mia on Broadway! (which by the way was awesome and we had such great seats...fourth row baby!!) Thank you David and Rebecca so so much!! I had a GrEaT Day and finally... I'm not 18!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I can't tell you how ExciTeD i was to see my friends, i have missed them So MuCh!!! We had lots of fun! We spent everyday in the city. You could live in the city your entire life and still not see it all (so so much to do) But i think its safe to say we got a cHuNk of it done :) We did 5Th Avenue, Ground Zero, Shopping, Statue Of Liberty, Broadway, The Late Show, Time square, The Today Show, The Beach, And lots more!!! But i think the best part about it was just being together, having fun and catching up on life. I am so LuCky to have such AWeSoMe Friends!!

Here is a little how our schedule went...

~Friends Arrived
~Dinner in the city
~Time Square


~Canal Street
~Dinner in New Canaan

~Long Beach
~PF Chang's

~Central Park
~David Letterman Tryouts
~David Letterman Show (Guest Pamela Anderson)

~Made Tshirts (The Today Show)
~Olive Garden
~Broadway (Legally Blonde)
~Sleepover In City

~Today Show
~Sheryl Crow Concert
~Breakfast In The City
~Dinner in New Canaan (Car Troubles)

~Shopping day
~Ground Zero
~Statue of liberty
~Birthday Celebration

~Goodbyes :(

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”