Thursday, February 24, 2011

Too Fast.

My baby is getting too big... too fast! Addie had her 2 week check up yesterday. Here are her Stats!

Weight: 7 lbs 6 oz 10th Percentile 
Height: 20 inches 25th Percentile 

The doctor said she is right on track and that she is doing really good. He also reassured me that sleeping ALL day long is perfectly normal :) I know she is still tiny but she is changing so much! Still her daddy's twin though. Slow down Addie, Don't get too big just yet!

Miss Indian USU.

My sister Karli competed in the Miss Indian USU pageant last night. She did such a good job! I'm so proud of her! 
Check Emily's blog for more details on the splendid night...

Thanks Karli for the fun night! We Love You!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photo Shoot.

        I am in LoVe. 

            Thank you Jena, I love them!