Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Had Some Visitors!!

Grandma, Mom and Me At The Train On Our Way Into NYC!
Me And Mom In The City!!
Me And Grandma Smiling Big!
My Mom LOVED The City!
Mom, Me And Grandma Shopping In Down Town New Canaan

My Mom and Grandma came and visited me this week! They came on Monday and left home Saturday. We had so much fun!! It went by way way to fast! The Young's took a little trip out to Utah so my mom and grandma were able to come stay with me while they were out of town. We spent a lot of our time in the city, which was way fun! My mom LOVED it!! We Saw a Broadway show, we decided on "phantom of the opera" and wow that was AMAZING!! (i recommend it). We had a fun relaxing week together. We went to dinner, went shopping, watched movies, and just enjoyed each others company. The first two days when my mom and grandma were here the Young's were still here, so it was fun for them to meet the family. They loved the kids and loved David and Rebecca! I am so glad they got to come spend the week with me. It was really hard for me when they left, it was like saying bye all over again!! :( I hate goodbyes! but... I'm looking forward to some more visits!!! :) Thanks Mom and Grandma i had a lot of fun!!

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