Monday, July 7, 2008


This years fourth of July was a bit different from what i usually do but i had fun! I spent the day with some nannies from my ward. We spent the night in the city then we woke up early and headed for the beach. We were at the beach all day long and most of us got pretty good tans (or burnt) It was fun just relaxing in the sun! when it came time for fireworks we were to hungry and tired to even care to walk in the rain and go see them (crazy i know!!) but we just ended up going out to dinner and watching them on the TV they had there. We tried to go out and look but...the buildings in the city are to tall and you can't even see the sky so that didn't really work out :) but it was a good day and i had a lot of fun! But i must say... i kind of missed good old Plain City's celebration!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Can this is karli :) that sounds like a lot of fun!!! Those pictures on the beach are way cute of you guys!! Are you pretty good friends with any of them??? I want to come to see you when your friends do....... I'm on a search for money!!!!!! Have a great day. You are beautiful! Love Ya :)

Bart and Paige said...


This is Paige Beecher! It looks like you are doing really well too! Nannying in Connecticut? That is so much fun! What a fun experience! Thank you for saying hello!