Monday, July 21, 2008

Palmyra, NY

I can't even explain what a special weekend i had this last week... it truly was amazing. With my ward here in New Canaan i was able to go to Palmyra and all the many sacred sites there. We first went to the Printing Press where the Book Of Mormon was printed and that was awesome. We then went to Joseph Smith's home. It was interesting and humbling to see how little and simple his home was. We then had the privilege of walking through the Sacred Grove. The feelings i had there were amazing and i never wanted to leave. After visiting the Sacred Grove we then went to Hill Cumorah and that also was a very sacred peaceful place. We also had the privilege to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant. The Pageant was awesome and helped bring the Characters of the Book Of Mormon to life. Then on Sunday we were able to end our trip with having a testimony meeting in the Sacred Grove. My trip to Palmyra really helped strengthen my testimony and helped me understand and really imagine what happened to our dear prophet Joseph Smith. I hope that if you ever travel through Palmyra NY you take the time and visit the Sacred Grove.

The Sacred Grove
Joseph Smith's Home
The Printing Press
Waiting For the Pageant To Start
In The Sacred Grove


Jared, Beth and Carter.... said...

Looks like you are having so much fun!! I bet you are just loving all these new experiences and I bet it helps the time go by fast waiting for Brent!? :) We miss you though when we go boating, etc! Glad you are doing well though!
Beth :)

Anonymous said...

I love you Candice!
I want to come see you, I miss you!

I really need to get a blog!

Love you!
Love, Emily Dawn Ross

karli said...

Can that is so cool that you got to go to all of those neat places! I bet it was awesome!! I'm glad that you had a good experience :) Hey and guess what!!!...... I had a dream last night that i suprised you and just came to Connecticut/New York to see you and i didn't tell anyone! And I was like, "I'm here!!!" And you were like, "Nuh uh, No way!!!" ha ha ha but yeah i miss you! I wish i could really come visit you! But I'm glad that I'll get to see you in San Diego :) love you!! Have a good day! Ta Ta. :) kar