Sunday, August 17, 2008


WoW is about all i can say!! Wicked truly was AmAzInG!! Saturday was my last day in the city :( i was way sad, but getting lucky enough to get wicked tickets made my day. The show was sold out for the week so the only chance i had to see it was to wait in the cancellation line. Well i was first in line and they had someone call in and cancel (being early pays off) anyways... I ended up in the middle on the 10Th row, i couldn't have picked a better seat! I'm really gonna miss the city, i know it's dumb but i cried when i got on the train to come home. I have really grown to love the Tall Buildings, Honking Taxi's, Dirty Grounds, Crazy People and the Nasty Smell. I am really going to miss this place!!


Anonymous said...



im so jealous! i cant wait to see you!
i love you!

Love, Emily Dawn Ross

Jordan Roberts said...

Oh, I am so jealous! Was it freaking awesome? I want to see that so bad! I'm glad you had a good experience being a nanny! :)

Jared, Beth and Carter.... said...

Wow, Lucky you!! That is so fun! Did you go by yourself though???

Bree Manning said...

Thats so awesome! I bet wicked was amazing! when do you come home!? thats exciting! it would be hard to leave! go look at my blog I taagged you with this quirk thing! haha its fun

Cole, Shauna, and Cooper said...

How FUN... I'm so jealous of everything you were able to do over the summmer! We're so happy to have you back! We need to do lunch sometime :)

Murdock's are Forever! said...

your so darling! We just picked johnny up from the airport today. I hope all u guys can get together again and hang out. Have fun ad be safe.