Friday, September 19, 2008


Nine Months Today! Can't Believe It!!
Sherrie (Left) Vera, Elder Wilson
Vera was Brent's first Baptism "Calling The Heavens For Help."
(As Brent put it) OuChY! Brent got in a little bike crash Mountain Biking
BE CAREFUL!!Brent's Zone at Zone Conference

Brent is doing great, he has now had two baptism's and is loving the mission! I miss him like crazy, but am so proud of him. Well ... the YeAr mark is now just around the corner! :)


Cole, Shauna, and Cooper said...

I love the "heaven help" picture... That's funny! Today was so much fun, we need to get together more often! If my crazy guy keeps coming around I'll be for sure calling ya...

Maddee said...

wow candice! a year. that is preetty amazing. I cannot believe

Jordan Roberts said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Oh my heck! I am so happy for you! You can make it now, you are so close to the half way mark and after that it's cake! Way to go!! And Way to go Brent!! I'm so proud of you guys!!!