Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weekend In VeGaS!!

We Love Vegas!!!


"The Big Shot" ~Exactly like blast off at lagoon but this time it starts on top of a building. ScArY!!!!!

"Insanity" ~Swings above Vegas strip. 1000 Feet in the air. I seriously thought i might die! Good view of Vegas though :) "Insane" indeed!!!

This is a picture we took before we all went up on top of the Stratosphere. Us girls were scared out of our minds!! (I really thought Whitley might die of fear!!)

Me & Kilee on the ride

These old married men coached us before the ride!! (Tried to make us feel better! Keyword: TRIED)

We had some fun with the timer on the camera as you will probably notice! :)

Shopping, Dinner & The Strip

Me, kilee, Whitley and Emily went to Vegas over the weekend to visit Joey & Blake. We all had so much fun! ThAnK yOu Blake and Joey for letting us come!!!


Anonymous said...

Candice this is so cute!
Im looking very lovely in all the photos :) haha.
Thanks for the fun trip, I cant wait for the next one!!

Love, Emily Dawn

Maddee said...

i cant belive you went on them swings! did you take a extra pair of underwear??

karli said...

Fun!!! I want to go next time :)

Bree Manning said...

kaaay! candice, i cant believe you went on those scary rides! wow. there is no way i would be able to! im glad you did though. you are my hero. looks like you had fun! its weird that brent is 20! so is colton, they seem soo old! well.... to me anyway. but your all the same age hahaha