Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wasn't It AmAzInG??

twilight or twilight movie Pictures, Images and Photos

twilight or twilight movie Pictures, Images and Photos

Ok so i went to the Twilight Movie when it came out and... I LoVed It!! Almost everyone i have talked to has a different opinion on it. Some say it was weird, Amazing, Funny, Hated it, Loved it, Scary, Edward is hot, Edward is ugly, and that it was just ok! Some of you people are weird!! Yeah it was better as the book but that's because you get to let your own imagination tell the story. For the people who thought it was weird... what did you think a movie about vampires was gonna be like?? Defiantly wins BEST love story in my opinion!!


Jordan said...

I LOVED it too!! I agree with the things you said. What did peopl expect? It's a weird story and of course it won't be just as you imagined it!!! You're background for you blog is darling!

Jessika Molen said...

I loved also!People need to stop expecting to be as good as the book. movies never are!!! Def an amazing love story! But maybe us three are just missing our men. Jordan I am so jealous you are so close!

karli said...

Hey can i like the reindeer randomly jaunting on your blog ha ha ha love ya!!!

Maddee said...

your blog is cute. so are you