Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Down, 6 To Go!! :)

Mckelle & Cody walking out of the Temple doors (So o o o Cute!)

Our friend picture with Mckelle on her special day :)

Well i have kinda been slacking in the blogging department... I AM SORRY! But i did want to make sure and tell Mckelle that she was the most beautiful bride that i have ever seen! I was so emotional the entire day (i don't even know why), it honestly was ridiculous! :) I am just so happy to see my friend so happy!! I love you Mckelle and wish you and Cody the best of luck with married life!


kilee said...

Oh I still can't believe that our little Mckelle is a wife! No worries one day that will be us!!!!

Emily Dawn Ross said...

Your blog is adorable!! I love you!