Saturday, December 5, 2009

And He's HOME!! :)

My Airport Experience :)

I have had a very eventful last 2 weeks. I'm so happy and very much in love. :) It has been so much fun to have him home. I must say... the airport was even better than i imagined it to be. So perfect and SO worth the wait :) I'm very thankful he made it home safe and very very thankful i didn't pass out :) (i was seriously so nervous/excited). Things are going really good and we are just picking up where we left off :) It honestly feels like he never left. I Love It!!!
First View Of Elder Wilson...
My Reaction :)
(i was So excited!)
First Hug In 2 Years!!
I was so glad my mom and Karli came to support me :)
(I was a wreck)

More Pictures To Come...


Dallin & Alycia said...

That is so exciting!!! Congratulations!!! Keep posting updates!!! So happy for you!!

Kathryn Marie said...

Candice this is so exciting!!!!! I am so happy for you!! You will have to keep me posted on what is to come!! :)

Sarah said...

ha ha ha oh can.....what a wonderful day. haven't seen you since ha Love you! and i WILL see you soon! oh...we're gonna be family. Not sure if thats ok to say on a blog but maybe it will increase our chances if there's any possible way they can get better :) Love you love you!

Bree Manning said...

candice!!! i am soooooo happy for you!! i love it! that is so exciting!! i cant imagine how happy you are that he is finally home. you guys are so dang cute, i love it. keep posting!!!!!! xoxo

Emily Dawn Ross said...

I love your pictures!
You two are adorable, we are all going to have such a fun life together!
I would love it if you moved to Logan :)
I will see you tomorrow!
I love you!

.:JaYcEe LyNn:. said...

oh my goodness candice that hug picture made me cry!! he is holding on so tight to you its so precious! I'm so happy for you!