Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson

Brent and I were married on Friday February 26, 2010

The day was absolutely perfect. I am so lucky to have married such a great guy and also to have been married in the temple. I love knowing i get to be with Mr. Wilson forever. Brent and I both, were overwhelmed with the much love and support we received from family and friends. Thanks to everyone who helped make our day so special!

Enjoy some wedding pictures. :)

"The Kiss" :)
The Wilson Family.
The Muir Family.
The Boys.
Best Friends.
My Wonderful Sisters. :)
Ross & Muir Girls.
I Love This Boy.
Candy Buffet. (My favorite Part)
My Cute Cake.
Cup Cakes Galore. (Made by Emily Dawn Ross)

Married life is Great! More updates from the last 4 months coming soon!
(Do you believe me??) :)


Emily Dawn said...

So so cute Candice!
I love all of your pictures, you are beautiful!

That was such a fun day, I love you guys :]

Emily Dawn said...

& no I do not believe you!

But thats ok, because when you finally do post, it makes it a million times more exciting :]
:] :]

Kelly D. Ross said...

I believe you Candice! I'll be expecting more posts very soon! :o) I love your wedding pictures. It was a perfect day for an adorable couple!

Kathryn Marie said...

Candice I love all your pictures! You better post more soon!!

Also... you must come to my wedding!! :) Keep August 13th open for the reception!

Maddee said...

it's a bout time little wilson! i loved your wedding. the cake was so cute..and delisiush! i love you and i cant wait till we can double? well, see you at the surprise party. bring your party hat..

The Farrs said...

How fun. You looked so beautiful in your dress. You are such a cutie we love ya!!