Friday, December 10, 2010


I know Thanksgiving is over and all but something about this time of year makes me think... makes me think alot. I am so grateful for all that i have. These last few weeks i have been reminded over and over how much i truly have to be thankful for.

Today i woke up feeling extra grateful for what i have. When i think back to all the different stages of life i have experienced thus far, i believe i am in my favorite. Lately i have had little reminders of how lucky i am to be married to the man i married. Oh how i love Brent! He puts up with alot :) I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful husband that works so hard for our little family. I love him so much!

I was sitting at the doctor last week and oh how grateful i am to be pregnant. I am so grateful for the experience it is to have a little baby grow inside of me. Even though pregnancy can be hard at times, i am so grateful for the experience it is. I am so so excited to be a mother. Just 9 weeks and i get to hold the little bundle of joy in my arms (and give her lots and lots of kisses).

This Christmas being newlyweds and with a baby on the way, we don't have much of a Christmas budget to work with, but you know what it's just what Brent and i need. I have really been able to focus on the true meaning this year. I don't need a single gift under my tree, i have everything i would ever want or need already. A wonderful husband i am madly in love with, a precious gift of life on the way and two loving families, all to spend Christmas with. I am truly blessed.

Watch the most adorable video clip on the birth of our savior.
(Pause my music on the side bar).


Matt & Kathryn Olsen said...

Candice, you are adorable!

I can't wait for your little girl to come, I know she will be very very cute! :)

Merry Christmas! :)

Jan said...

Well said Candice. Love it!

Karie said...

Candice, you are totally right!!! I bet you are so excited to have your little girl. Can't wait to see pictures of her!

Kelly D. Ross said...

Candice, That was the sweetest video I've ever seen! (Made me have a few tears.) I can't wait for your little sweetie to get here. You will be such a cute mommy!

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