Friday, March 4, 2011

One year down... forever to go!

Happy Anniversary to us!!
Brent and i celebrated our first anniversary.
We had the best day together!
I can't believe a year has come and gone. I'm so lucky to be married to this boy!                
Addie woke us up early, so hey may as well start the day off by going to breakfast :)

After breakfast we came home and all 3 of us went back to bed, we have all been pretty tired lately :) We then got cleaned up, watched the BYU game and just relaxed. It was nice, i love weekends!
 Later my parents came over to babysit Addie while Brent and i left for a date. 
Dinner and a movie. 
(i forgot to take a picture at the movie)
FYI Maddox gives free pie of your choice if it's your anniversary :)

Later when we got home, we put Addie to bed and cut into our wedding cake we had in the freezer. 

A  N  D... 
it wasn't to bad (maybe a little freezer burnt), we are just glad to get it out of the freezer so we can actually have some room :)

I  l o v e  y o u  Brent Wilson! 
Thanks for a wonderful year... So glad we have many more!!

One year down... forever to go! 


Emily Dawn said...

I love you, Love Brent, Love Addie, and Love this adorable post!

You're so pretty! I'm so glad you had such a great year, and anniversay celebration!

I hope we can play tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I almost totally forgot about sending you our email for Brent. How fun that it was your anniversary. It was so fun to meet you guys. Glad you had a super fun day!

Jess from Maddox Ü

Alycia said...

Happy Anniversary!! It does go by super fast!! your little one is so adorable!!! It only gets better!!!