Sunday, September 20, 2009


Oh my goodness i'm home! I still can't believe it. I can't tell you how great it is to be home with family and friends. (And to know i'm here to stay makes it that much more wonderful). :) Many changes are seeming to take place lately. I'm ok with change, it's always good, can be fun but sometimes hard to swallow at first. Growing up is a funny feeling. I can't believe how old my sisters are getting! Can't believe 2 years have gone by and all those cute Elder's are now returning home! I can't believe how many people my age are engaged, married and having children of their own. It's all so crazy but SO much fun! Court went to homecoming this last Saturday and might i add she looked beautiful! Karli is enjoying the college life up in Logan. And Maddie is now in HIGH SCHOOL! Where does the time go? Seriously. Anyways just wanted to say that i'm home, so happy and enjoying life and all of the great changes that come with.
Court & Luke. Isn't she so beautiful? 
We sure do love little Luke. :)

SO glad to be home with my sisters.

Movie Night.
Fun in the car.

My beautiful sister and i. 


Rebecca said...

Glad you are home safe and sound.....Your families gain is my loss. Booo hooo!

Sean and Hollee said...

Glad your home Can. Court looks beautiful!

Kathryn Marie said...

Candice! I agree with you totally.. growing up is strange! Sometimes I wish we would just stop! And all the engagements, weddings, and babies make me a little depressed! I wish that with all these Elders coming home from their missions, mine would be here sooner! I hope that you are doing good, and things are still good with your missionary! I think we should do something soon! Your pictures are so cute, and you are so so cute!

Sarah said...

CAN CAN! Cant tell how completely happy i am that you are here....oh your the greatest friend. What would i do with out you. SO good to have you close by again. Welcome home my dear. See you soon.

MuRdOcK MaDnEsS!!! said...

Joey misses home too i can totally tell, he always talks about you guys. We'll take care of him though. You and your sisters are adorable.